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* Your top 3 favorite movies 301/192312
Who is your best comedian 45/82515
What are the best anime for you? 10/9419
Which is ur favorite hollywood movie??? 75/101056
Best tearjerking movies 28/86289
What's your favorite korean drama? 114/125602
What is your favorite horror movies? 66/103366
Your favorite anime/show? 162/122462
Your most favorite cartoon show? 159/175055
Who is your favorite korean actor/actres... 34/74213
Your favourite comedy movies 8/9552
Favorite hollywood actor/actress 81/117844
Best action movies 2012/2013? 40/95100
Who loves romentic movies most guys /lad... 21/61603
Fast and the furious 7. 7/21846
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