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How will you make someone fall for you? 156/57893
* Dating: Looking For A Boyfriend 4800/393418
Flat shoes or high heels 214/101529
Wise sayings. 171/63478
Facts & riddles of life.. 43/67152
Do you believes in internet love? 400/78482
* Post your favorite songs! :) 1723/249424
* Dating: Looking For A Girlfriend 4229/329750
Long distance relationship 1/1
What music are you listening right now? 1642/212351
* What will you say or do if you caught ch... 250/125195
Who is your favourite american artist 8/700
Epp chat social network 1/6
Which song makes you remember your lover... 160/83936
Http injector ehi file tnt/sun 11/6888
Create your own rap and iyric 294/83979
Close ur eyes and type ur name 146/91492
Jokes(must be over 18) -haha- 21/1709
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