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Any links for myphone my28 dtv stock rom... 1/1
* Post your favorite songs! :) 1712/246558
Why did you cheat ur partner 196/98315
Meet people from your city:::where are u... 343/124276
* Your favorite artist 741/202954
What is/are the twist of your username?? 105/80457
I need luv 2676/281249
Nagmahal, nasaktan, _________?? 77/11212
Missing someone 107/24557
Change ed to ing 125/65727
Whats ur zodiac sign? 173/84481
Your last letter to your ex bf/gf. 64/25200
What are the best anime for you? 1/4
Your most hated songs? 1/13
Is sex true love or game? 581/110938
* Your top 3 favorite movies 282/132845
Which mobile brand make the most quality... 6/568
* Whats your favorite games?? 564/189730
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