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Drop a word. . . make people to search t... 88/98150
* Whats your favorite games?? 579/206786
Which club in epl is currently in form? 62/100355
* Your favorite football team 606/154639
* What is ur dream car ? 204/109704
Wise sayings. 180/68391
I'm afraid of??? and why??? 79/82953
* Your favorite artist 751/221227
Dear future gf/bf 305/55768
How to start a conversation with a new g... 138/54719
What are you searching for in a relation... 88/53405
Handsome bf 9/492
* What do you want to ask to our god.. 8/797
Dear diary 13/1770
Songs that my tears falls down 119/80735
Dear diary : 1054/64249
Is it possible to have love without trus... 48/47006
What do guys generally prefer? submissiv... 5/472
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