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Dear diary : 1020/56250
What is/are the twist of your username?? 104/79612
Meet people from your city:::where are u... 337/122136
Post your favourite car 6/236
Whats ur zodiac sign? 166/83071
What makes you happy? 165/76766
Your last letter to your ex bf/gf. 62/24300
Write a sad story using 3 words. 19/630
Nagmahal, nasaktan, _________?? 69/10128
What is you determination in future 2/231
Ofw tambayan saan sulok mn ng mundo🌍... 1/174
Post your "hugots" 112/7245
Post your favorite place to travel 94/70744
Write ur bible verse here 47/54994
Worst feeling: 63/8685
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