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just read -__-
Do i care if you like me or not? I dont like black people doesn't mean im a racist. I dont like african and i dont hate them too. They call us with different names and and laugh out loud towards us as if they're perfect human species. But when you call them blacky or "Nigger" word it becomes racist? Come on black people elaborate your mind of understanding. Do all black people in the whole wild world likes white and brown? So why black people expect us to like you all? I feel sorry for all of you! I love who I am whatever God has given to me. Start being who you are by not wearing a wig. when are you all going to be real? No one is perfect. You all dont have a good looking but atleast try to be good with others around you. Dont tell us about respect when you alll dont know the meaning of the word "respect". Dont tell people racist straight away when someone dont like you. We all not born to like black people and dont tell us that I will be burn in hell. How about you? You haven"t reach hell you are allready burnt here on earth.. before you say something about me make sure you clean your fucking mirror and look at yourself.
17-06-20 02:03:09 | by annah0427
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Moon_catcher lol . i like u
18-02-18 19:01:37
songokou_69 prejudice.....
18-02-09 16:39:18
optimist23 It's about that someone beats the ass of a bull....
18-01-19 16:17:35
Yankee540 Stupid people write stupid stuff may god help u guide to a better life with out judgeing
17-07-07 08:11:03
ORIADE37 take it easy now
17-07-03 08:07:59
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