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Girls like guys with sense of
2. Girls hate guys who always brag about themselves.
3. It’s a rare thing for girls to go for flings unlike many guys do.
4. Take a close look at this paradox: Girls are generally impulsive buyers but are good in budgeting.
5. Too sweet girls are usually the naggers.
6. Your girlfriend can either jokinglyor seriously get jealous over your basketball
7. Girls are very suspicious human beings.
8. A guy oughta understand his girl’s mood swings specially when she has her monthly period.
9. Girls love to chat about anything.
10. Girls easily get carried away by their emotions.
11. You must tell a girl that you are courting her. Unless you make an obvious proposal, she could either
play numb or be really numb of your feelings for her.
12. The girl who gives you a quick "yes" could either be too impulsive.
13. A girl’s decision is always
14. It is really hard to trace why girls are unpredictable.
15. Girls can easily change their mind because of hearsays.
16. Girls hate guys who gossip.
17. You would know that a girl likes you if she laughs even at your corniest joke and even pays attention at your nonsense talk.
18. You can hook a girl by knowing her interests.
19. It is a fact that girls, since the brith of the world, can be
professional flirts using their
magical charms.
20. Girls hate it when you make them wait.
21. Girls love babies.
22. If you’re truly in love with a girl, you will have a hard time to convince her telling so.
23. Girls don’t take a full meal
especially when they are on a diet. But they love to eat junkfood, sweets or fruits in between meals that can double up a full meal.
24. Beware: a girl knows how to persuade you that you could do her a favor through her charisma or seductive body language without you knowing it.
25. Girls are flattered when you make them melt in your eyes, but they would do anything just to show disapproval.
26. Girls are every conscious people.
27. Girls hate guys who whistle at their back. The act makes them look like cheap.
28. Girls hate guys who hurt them physically.
-to be continued
17-06-19 17:36:06 | by Carl_
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-x- yeah..
17-06-27 12:58:41
Neo_gravity ..fuck.
17-06-22 09:36:54
Hahaha28 5. Buti nlng di ako masyado sweet xD
17-06-19 17:39:40
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