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.. he longed for her she burned for him theirs was an impossible love hearts want what they do determined to find a way she, the flame of love he, wet with desires of passion steam rose whenever they touched each giving a bit to the ot...
18-07-15 18:24:04 | by Mersybea
learn to be kind t...
People speak about self-love a lot and some mistaken it for just buying things for yourself, yes that’s a part of it but being kind to yourself is a lot deeper than that. Being kind to yourself means not beating up yourself for your ...
18-07-15 15:08:27 | by Babateedot
More than ever
It's how you used to say I love you and I miss you It's how you pretend to love me then That kept me thinkin' of the things we've done before Now is it too late to turn back anymore . I used to say I love you I used...
18-07-15 11:53:42 | by oel_
Just a bit of me *...
.. seems the day has not yet decided the sun hides behind the clouds the breeze is gentle but cold it's a melancholy feeling lingering unsure of things to come opening myself for your scrutiny throwing everything out on the table ...
18-07-15 11:52:37 | by Mersybea
Di Makatulog
Heto na naman ang pusong gising na gising Sabik sa mga yakap mong kay lambing Umaga na pala pero walang pakialam Kausap ka penge pa ng sandali . Minsan lang ako magkaganito Puso kong umidlip ginising mo . Heto na naman lumusong ang pus...
18-07-15 11:29:51 | by oel_
Twenty-five years and my life is still Trying to get up that great big hill Of hope for a destination I realized quickly when I knew I should That the world was made up of this brotherhood Of man for whatever that means And so I cry so...
18-07-15 03:05:35 | by rock_gurl29
Karamihan sa mga lalake mautak. Kapag yan naging cold sayo hindi yan makikipaghiwalay kundi ipaparamdam sayo niyan na balewala ka na, hindi ka na mahalaga, hindi ka na kawalan at wala na syang pake sayo. At dahil dun kapag hindi na nat...
18-07-15 02:48:34 | by rock_gurl29
Ready to no someon...
If you are new to a city, workplace or anywhere at all, it can be very daunting. You want to connect with people, especially if there is a particular person who has picked your interest, but how do you go about it without being creepy?...
18-07-15 00:43:03 | by Babateedot
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