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You'll never ...
You'll never know how much I care Even sometimes it's toO unfair And everytime that you are here I don't have the guts to get near From the darkest path of my journey You just don't know how much you help me When so...
13-10-13 09:25:38 | by Wey42
Fallin' by ja...
Our little conversations Are turning into little sw8 sensations And there only getting sweter everytime Our friendly get together And turning into visions of forever If i just believe This foolish heart of mine... I can't pretend ...
13-10-13 09:11:28 | by Knife19
Dnt judge wrongly
A 17 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a slut, but no one knows she was raped at age of 15.. People call another man fat. But No one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight. People c...
13-10-13 08:54:21 | by tfrank04
Pregnancy Accdient...
Girl: I am pregnant.
Mother (angrily...with a slap) : How come?
Girl : It was an accident!
Mother : What!?(with another slap) You mean you
were walking down the road and fell on an ERECTED
13-10-13 08:43:50 | by tfrank04
Funny Peter
Police : Knock Knock.
Peter : Who is knocking?
Police : Police
Peter : What do you want?
Police : To talk
Peter : How many are you?
Police : We are two
Peter : Talk to each other then.
13-10-13 08:36:40 | by tfrank04
Brain Teaser
There's A Bus With 7 Girls,
Each Girl Has 7 Bags,
In Each Bag, There R 7 Big Cats, Each Big Cat Has 7
Each Cat Has 4 Legs.
How Many Legs are Present In The Bus ??
13-10-13 08:30:38 | by tfrank04
The 7 biq Sins
7 SINS U MUST NEVER COMMIT AGAINST A WOMAN... 1. Don't beat her 2. Don't verbally abuse her 3. Don't disrespect her 4. Don't make her feel unloved 5. Don't acuse her 6. Don't cheat on her 7. Don't ign...
13-10-13 08:24:38 | by tfrank04
FIRST: Plan big, succeed big. "If you wish to plough a field in a straight line, don't take your bearings from a nearby tree but from a distant star" SECOND: Mind the things you say because they won't be easily forg...
13-10-12 18:55:18 | by Tgr8
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