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True love
Love means trusting yourself with someone who has seen you at your worst and loves you in anyway. It means teasing each other and laughing at jokes nobody but only the two of you understands. It means feeling safe enough to talk about ...
13-09-08 14:44:45 | by Wiseprof
I slit my wrist to erase the pain, you look at me, and think I'm insane. My eyes turn red, bleeding my tears, and still you try to protect me from my worst fears. Look at my scars then you will see, why I can't seem to go a...
13-09-08 12:05:57 | by alexeyich
Things Change
Time passed Things changed You moved on I went my own way I fell for you You changed your mind You let go I held on tight I told you I cared You said you did too You promised you wouldn't hurt me Babe I believed that was true Our ...
13-09-08 11:56:28 | by alexeyich
"if u EVER---...
"if u ever say u dnt l0ve me if u ever say u d0nt care if u ever say u d0nt want me i will die that minute i swear... all my lyf ive been waiting 4 sum1 @ that sum1 is u... if i ever l0se u there wil never sum1 new...what i feel ...
13-09-08 11:49:53 | by cute2487
Perfect Girl
I thought I found the perfect girl, one that knew how to treat me right. But I forgot to hold on, and now she’s gone. I should have pushed harder for it to work, but I didn’t and now I’m hurt. I can’t remove her picture from m...
13-09-08 11:49:53 | by alexeyich
"i sTill -luv...
"i have so many mixed feeling 4 u... s0metimes i like u s0metimes i hate u some days u piss me off.'.so much and other day i just mis u m0re than anything...but at the end of the day.... "I STILL LOVE U... " ...
13-09-08 11:37:12 | by cute2487
Mere Apne
Once all d feelings decided 2 play hide n seek.pain started counting.all others were hiding.lie said he wil hide near tree bt didn-t do dat.luv hid in a rose bush.every1 was caught except luv bt envy told pain where luv was hiding.so p...
13-09-08 11:03:06 | by ansu7270
Love will lead you...
Saying goodbye Is never an easy thing But you never said That you'd stay forever So if you must go Darling I'll set you free But I know in time That well be together Ohh, I wont stop you now from leaving Cause in my heart I...
13-09-08 10:49:59 | by sweetheart06
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