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"RAM" by...
When I want to Say RAM It was the way of system that serve as in the order of its core identity. This implies that [M] could be defined as "mentoring"this word could holds morethan 3 explanatory idias depending up on pronounc...
18-04-18 13:56:02 | by AnwarNuroHassen
The man who can�...
Cause if one day you wake up and find dat you're missing me and ur heart starts to wonder where on da earth i could be thinking maybe you'll comeback here to da place dat we'd meet and you'll see me waiting 4 u on t...
18-04-18 11:45:07 | by Prince_abf
I will be here 4u
Wen u feel da sunlight fade in2 da cold night dont no wer 2 turn i dont no wer 2 turn and ul da dremz ur dreaming seem 2 lus der meaning let me in ur world baby let me in ur world ul u need is sum1 u can hold dont be sad ur not alone i...
18-04-18 11:13:26 | by Prince_abf
I found a love for me oh darling,
just dive right in and
follow my
well i found a girl
beautiful and sweet
oh i never knew you
were the someone
waiting for me...
18-04-18 10:29:56 | by Prince_abf
The word was femeuas up on the world that every body was use it up to date eventhough dayley. Whatever it was I want to explain this word by accessary with its pronouncation means through reader in sound let me I "Heal you"!...
18-04-17 23:10:23 | by AnwarNuroHassen
Even the Nights ar...
Even the Nights Are Better Air Supply I, I was the lonely one Wondering what went wrong, why love had gone And left me lonely I, I was so confused, feeling like I'd just been used Then you came to me and my loneliness left me I us...
18-04-17 16:58:14 | by Hahaha28
Its joke time
"Ang manyak, madre at ang tricycle driver." Isang araw, may isang lalaking manyak na sumakay sa tricycle. Hindi pa nakakalayo, pumara sa tricycle ang isang magandang madre at sumakay sa tabi ng manyak.... . Manyak: Sister, pw...
18-04-17 16:35:02 | by Kulas29
Ang Walang Kwentan...
Naramdaman mo ba? Naramdaman mong masayang mag-isa Naramdaman ko Naramdaman ko dahil yun ang totoo . Gusto nating umalis Tanggalin ang inis Inis na nakatanim sa ating damdamin Aanihin at saka susunugin Dahil kakalimutan ang sakit na h...
18-04-17 10:04:52 | by Laydindebris
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