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We lose d people we love bcoz dey r meant 2 love sum1 else.. We lose den bcoz we r destined to find sum body else. It is simple fact dat is sumtyms hard to accept bcoz we r 2 stubborn to let go of sum thing dat doesn't belong to ...
17-08-17 05:30:59 | by Mae2033
Get In With Me
Am wondering if there is anyone here like me with all this heavy stuff, sex chat, with me am gonna make you wet all over you...the word sex was always cool in hearing so thats why i stay stick to that three letters word *Sex* need me h...
17-08-16 16:46:08 | by beautycares
Even if
All those sleepless nights All the tears I cried All the pain I kept inside I kept asking myself why You had to say goodbye Was it just a dream When you said to me That there is someone new in your life You could have at least lied Th...
17-08-16 13:24:25 | by Mae2033
Having u near me
I came to you and never asked too much Wondering what you would say Hoping you'd understand It's not a role I usually play Don't speak too much of what's been going on The past is over and gone Give me your troubled...
17-08-16 12:04:55 | by Mae2033
How to make a happy man: 1. Give him food 2. Give sex 3. Give oral sex 4. Do not check your phone 5. Give more sex How to make a happy woman It's not that hard, but... To make a happy woman A man just needs to be: 1. A friend 2. A...
17-08-16 10:37:43 | by _seijuro_
Don't say goo...
More than a year ago I met a very special girl with an exceptional beauty and kindness inside and out...we became very close and eventually fell in love with each other...everyday in our life was filled with love and affection,her swee...
17-08-15 22:54:30 | by ____justinedel
Life's uncertainties will lead us to different path and directions,don't be confused,just focused and set your mind to what you really want to achieve or aiming for...The road to success is always rough,tough and confusing bu...
17-08-15 18:28:23 | by ____justinedel
by @deejsmasher
Pain is a part of life, emotional and physical. Walking down life's long path you will often step on that certain rock. Once you do, your next step will take you away from it. You'll feel stronger and stronger with each painf...
17-08-15 18:03:36 | by deejsmasher
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